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Law Making

The provincial legislature makes provincial laws and may adopt a Constitution for the province if two-thirds of its Members agree.

Legislation & Oversight

The Legislature provides effective and efficient mechanisms to oversee the executive. The Institution makes and implements strategies

Public Participation

The Public Participation and Petitions (PPP) Unit was established to comply with the constitutional imperative that a provincial legislature


To promote good governance and a culture of human rights through oversight, law-making and
public participation and education

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Constitutional Mandate

The Constitution of South Africa sets a single, sovereign democratic state where governance is effected through Parliament which includes provincial legislatures, the Executive and the Judiciary. The mandate of provincial legislatures is achieved through passing legislation, overseeing government action through oversight and the facilitating of public involvement, co operative government and public participation.

Presiding Officers

Hon. NB Sifuba


Hon. LN Mapena

Deputy Speaker

Hon. J Radebe

Chairperson of Chairpersons

Message on World Aids Day 2022

"Equalise and Integrate to End AIDS,"

On the occasion of the World Aids Day 2022, the Free State Legislature recommit itself towards the National Development Plan. In terms of the NDP, South Africa has committed itself towards eliminating poverty and reducing inequality by 2030.

It is based on this background that we are a view that unless all social partners come together to take advantage of our country’s rich endowments, it will not possible to tackle complex challenges of Unemployment, Inequality and HIV/AIDS.

Today, in commemoration of the World Aids Day, we remember all our people who’ve lost a fight against the pandemic, those who placed their lives on the line to defeat it and those volunteers who became ambassadors of the campaign. We recommit that for as long the scourge persists to exist, we will continue the course for awareness.

With positive mentality within our society, proper nutrition to repair damaged cells and the economy that works for everyone, we can win the fight against HIV/AIDS within the set target. In this way, we can indeed “equalize.”


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